Have you ever came across this Error?

My dear followers and any body who uses the Kyocera 180 Photocopier or with interest on IT and Technology, here is a solution for you in case you come or have come across the following Error code on the above Machine. Call service C6400. First this error occur when you install a new toner which may be of poor quality i.e. Refilled toner. To solve this error take the following simple steps and you will be operational within no time. 1. Power the Machine immediately it powers on and display C6400 Error Enter “10871087” in other term 1087 Twice without delaying followed by 163 then Press “Enter Button” Enter Button is a Green Button which you normally press when you want to produce a copy or in other word it is the Command Button which you press to authorise the machine go ahead and execute the user defined process. 2. Wait for the machine to initialize, during this period you will hear some noise inside the machine. Do not worry the noise is has a result of the machine self machinism testing. 3. After the machine is done with this process it will display the “Ready” word on the display window or Screen. This mean your machine is ready for use. NOTICE : Even if the machine display the Ready word on the window it is always recommended, good and advisable to POWER DOWN or SHUT DOWN the machine for atleast 1 one minute as this shut down help in machine to refresh it self and to Update and Store or Save the New Information or Configurations you just done. Hope this tip(s) will be of help to you you and you too.


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