Top 3 Ethical Concerns Driving the Right to Be Forgotten

Governing Dynamics

Have you ever done something on the internet — such as post an inappropriate picture on Facebook or let loose a politically-charged rant on some blog — only to later regret it? Truth be told, most of us have. Naturally, our next course of action after such a revelation would be to go to where the content was shared and delete it at it’s source. “Pheww, glad that’s gone” is what we’ll think to ourselves, unwilling to accept the fact that while the content may no longer be shared as easily, it is still likely hosted on the platform’s server and accessible through other avenues.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you view it) the concept of the right to be forgotten may help select individuals who find themselves in such circumstances. Since its  EU proposal, the right to be forgotten has caused quite a stir across the cyberethics community and will certainly…

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