The following story is all about my perspective reflection towards many of us, out there in the whole World.
Sharing one’s Ideology, Thoughts/Opinions, Suggestions, Accomplishments, Failures and Targetted Goals or even Strategies using all available resourses out there comes with a price. The price may vary based on many valueables like, who are your targetted audience, a)What do you want or don’t want from your said audience? b)Why do you think the people will agree or disagree with what you say? Among others scenarios, feels like am swimming on the open sea full of Sharks and other dangerous sea creatures, trying to cross a swollen river during a rainy season or crossing a busy super speed highways, for i fear the outcome based on the perception the audience will judge your article.
But above all i see this as a highway towards achiving the greatest heights in my life, because i know and believe challenges or obstacles are part n percel of our day to day actions or thoughts, believers and doughters, critics and praisers. But above all my believe is that 85% of my friends, colleagues will always respond and comment on the topic or subject by concouring with your assessment or purpuse and projected out come of the same, while others will assist you on the best ways, methods or proccess to take in order to to perfect your final outcome by removing the rough edges or by showing you why you should use this instead of that, for they might have noticed a weak point on your supposed final thing.
Another 5% will discredit your thesis, arguments or reasons of your sharing with various and different expressions of either not interested on what you’re upto, less bothered with the outcome or don’t care whatever the purpuse of sharing was.
The most dangerous is the remaining 10% of which will automatically disregard your shared Ideologies, Accomplishements, Suggestions or Achivement by all means available, because by doing so they are sure you’ll feel a guilty person, for not making it be the way you expected it to be or thought it will be. But what you fail to realise is their reasons of discrediting you was actually dragnet purposely meant to distruct you from achiving your goal for there own benefits, because that what they’re there for. They uses others bright minds to enrich themselves or for other reasons, which will make them get what they want to get but luck that special ingrident you poses other will use it as a weapon to prevent you from making it to the Pinacle for they’re jelousy of your God given Wisedom.
What they forget to know is that, they will accomplish there targetted mission but it will only be for a short span becuase they’re so much on cashing-in and forget they are not the only who received the info, but it was sent to 100% of peoples and atleast 70% of them read the same while 30% may have not checked it.

Therefore may it be me, you and you feel free to share what you feel is right for the rest of us to see or hear, may it be that failure you’re afraid to share because of the damages or danger it’ll do to you or close to you, may it be that knowledge you have of solving problem and making things work or that business proposation you have. Always know there are more people out there to support and help you achive than there is to discourage or arm you are.

God bless you all.

The Ups and Downs of sharing.