‘Tis the Season to Save Time with Service Desk

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Every year Santa’s main job is to make the Naughty or Nice list. But he also has a whole team of Elves to lead and production schedules to run. These extra responsibilities always take away from his list-checking duties (and his well-earned vacation time), so this year Santa decided to try something new: manage the workshop from Service Desk.

Setting aside the Naughty or Nice list, Santa ran a report on the status of every toy task in the workshop database. He confirmed the elves were doing their job well, running updates to ensure they were always working off Santa’s latest list. They even added a script so that the Naughty or Nice list would update during the night without any intervention.

Reassured, Santa could now get back to checking the list. Well, maybe in a bit. First he was going to celebrate his new productivity with a nice…

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